What you'll get.
  • The real clearance rate
    Thought the report you received each Saturday night included the real clearance rate? Wrong. GAVL records and reviews every auction including unreported results. We are the independent source of truth.
  • Auction data
    Understand the auction market by viewing attendees, bidders and bids. Get deeper information including all auction sell prices (including undisclosed), variations against the total market and key market information.
  • Auction analysis
    Understand when the property was placed “on-the-market” by the auctioneer (not the price he was able to squeeze from the bidders). Get the real price that vendors are chasing in market.
  • Sales history
    Dive down and see all the properties that have sold, passed-in or have been withdrawn. Get a full understanding of the suburbs history and make an informed choice before you purchase next home.