Livestreamed open home inspection events.

Bring the digital real estate browser into your world with livestreamed inspection events.

With Covid 19 social distancing restrictions effectively banning open home inspections the challenge of meeting and qualifying potential buyers has never been harder.


Enter Gavl livestreamed inspection events. Not only can you invite and advertise your ‘virtual’ inspections (just like a physical inspection) you’ll know exactly who has ‘virtually’ attended to follow up their interest.


And for your buyers, they’ll get the most detailed view of a property short of walking through themselves. Not only that, your viewers can even ask you questions as you conduct the walk through.

Livestreamed Inpections

With just an iPhone and the Gavl app, you can be broadcasting inspection walk throughs to thousands of potential buyers every week.

  • Allow your prospects to view inspections remotely

    If you have a prospect who can’t physically attend an inspection (which of course in the current climate is everyone!) then a livestreamed walkthrough is the next best option!

  • Know who inspects your properties

    Unlike videos watched on or Domain, if someone watches your inspection you’ll know exactly who they are and their contact details. In a sense, it’s just like a physical inspection.

  • Qualify potential buyers (and sellers)

    After your inspection event, you can follow up all your viewers to understand their real estate objectives.

  • Field questions from viewers 

    Does a buyer want to see inside the pantry? Or know the dimensions of the master bedroom as you walk through? They can ask, and you can respond.

  • Available for rental and sale properties

    Gavl livestreamed inspections are not limited to sales – you can also use for rental properties.

  • Save time!

    Let’s face it, conducting a one on one facetime chat for every client who expresses an interest in a property will leave you with little time for everything else. Gavl inspection events allow them all to attend at once.

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Why is this better than standard video content?

Well for a buyer, this is as close as they’ll get to inspecting a property without being there. It’s real and detailed. Not only that, with our live chat function your buyers will be able to ask questions as you conduct the walk through. An interested party wants to see inside the pantry? You’ll be able to show them, live.

Live and interactive content allows you to continue to building relationships with prospects digitally – which in the current climate has never been more critical.

Why is this better than Facebook, Youtube, etc?

Just like our auctions, our tech is purpose made for Real Estate. It gives you full control and ownership of your content and data. We allow you to interact with potential buyers in real time and most importantly, you’ll know exactly you are engaging with so you can qualify your prospects.

Will I know who has tuned into the inspection?

Absolutely. Immediately at the conclusion of an inspection you’ll be sent the list of all viewers who tuned in.

How do I get interested parties to watch my inspections

For every listing on Gavl, we generate a dynamic link to the property. We strongly suggest you share this link as widely as possible – when your customers visit Gavl and shortlist the property, they’ll be reminded every time an inspection goes live.

Where to share the Gavl link? Here’s some ideas

  • Include in the property description on the REA & Domain listing-
  • Place a ‘Livestream Inspection message tile’ in the photo carousel
  • Advertise your offering via social media and
  • Email out to your database
  • Include on New Property and Property Reminder SMSs

What does it cost?

We have a range of per listing and subcription pricing models to suit any budget or needs. Get in touch to find the package best for you.

Can I use the live inspection tool for rental properties?

Absolutely. We’ve had numerous clients already ask this and it will work just like a property for sale.

How do I get started? 

Simply complete an enquiry form below, and we’ll run you through everything you need – but rest assured training is simple and we can connect with your CRM to get listings automatically loaded.

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