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How It Works

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Holiday? Soccer game? Wedding? Work? It doesn’t matter how idyllic a property is, sometimes you just can’t make it to the auction. But don’t stress. With Gavl you can now be in two places at once.

We’ve digitised every aspect of the auction process so that buyers can browse listings, shortlist properties, watch, bid and buy at auction, and even sign contracts and pay the deposit – all from the palm of your hand.

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Increase your visibility.

  • Research the market.

    See what really happens at auctions and stay informed about property values, so that you can get your strategy right on auction day.

  • Watch from anywhere in the world.

    Browse listings, shortlist properties, watch auctions remotely and never miss another auction.

  • Get notifications and instant auction results.

    Keep your finger on the pulse with notifications delivered to your inbox. So if a property passes in, you’ll be able to throw your hat in the ring of potential buyers.

  • Convert live bids to your preferred currency.

    Change the currency on live bids in an instant, for you or your family overseas.

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Unlock the full suite of features with the Gavl app. Available for iOS and Android, the app is free for users via iTunes or the Play Store.

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