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How It Works

Gavl gives you the tools and insights to understand the market and make confident decisions.

Whether it’s the family home or an investment for your financial security, the stress involved in buying and selling real estate can be overwhelming. At Gavl, we give you the tools and  insights to help you navigate your way through the real estate market with clarity and confidence.

Whether it’s conveniently watching auctions live without leaving home, getting auction results in realtime or taking advantage of the unique data insights that comes with having filmed more than 30K auctions,  Gavl helps you stay a step ahead of your competition.


Gavl research tools

Want to know exactly what happened at the auction you missed? Even when the result was undisclosed? What about how many bidders and attendees there were? And how is Glen Waverely  performing compared to Mulgrave and the rest of the state?

Gavl livestreams and records the data of thousands of auctions every month, which gives us an in depth look of EXACTLY what is happening in the market.  We can even predict the number of bidders and attendees of an upcoming auction and its likelihood to sell under the hammer.

  • Auction start reminders and live results

    Download the Gavl app, shortlist upcoming auctions to be reminded when they go live. At the conclusion of every auction we’ll tell you instantly what happened at the auction.

    Simply shortlist properties of interest on the app.

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  • Detailed auction reports

    Not only will we tell you instantly the result of an auction, we also generate a post auction report with the result, number of bidders, bids and attendees so you’ll have the complete story of what happened. You can see these reports on auction listings via the website or app shortly after the auction conclusion.

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  • In depth suburb reports

    As the independent source of truth for auctions in a local area Gavl suburb reports include undisclosed and reported results, real auction clearance rates, how many people were at the auction, how many bidders were there, which agencies perform best and area comparisons. All insights which allow you to more full understand how a suburb is performing.


  • Auction Demand Calculator

    Looking to sell your own home? Or want to know how competitive an upcoming auction might be? With our unique data set, we can predict whether the auciton will sell under the hammer and how many bidders, attendees and even bids there will be. With the help of Domain, we’ll also give you a price range estimate.


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