The Gavl difference

Livestreaming with Gavl maximises your reach and increases your exposure.

Broadcast your auction to a greater and more diverse audience, and make the most of auction day.


Traditionally auctions have only been seen by those attending the auction in person on the day, limiting your exposure to potential buyers who could attend the auction and the occasional nosey neighbour.

But now with Gavl Live Auctions, our platform allows you to reach a diverse and expanded audience:

Onsite bidders
There’s nothing like being part of an auction live and in person. Gavl works to supplement this audience to aid those that can’t make it there on the day.

Phone bidders
Not being able to physically attend an auction can leave phone-bidders feeling disengaged from the action. But our clients are finding that Gavl gives phone-bidders a sense of control and, therefore, a greater confidence in bidding. Furthermore, many auctioneers find they’re able to engage directly with those watching remotely.

International bidders
Currency conversion can be an obstacle for many international bidders. With the Gavl app, bidders can toggle instantly between the multiple currencies.

Passed-in buyer
When an auction concludes, all users who have been watching live or who have shortlisted that property on Gavl are immediately notified if the auction passes in, opening the door for new sales opportunities.

Potential seller
And it’s not just potential buyers who might be watching. Share the Gavl livestream with potential sellers for a first-hand demonstration of your performance. After seeing your results, they’re likely to become your next listing.

Open-for-inspection lead list
Of your open for inspection list, how many do you estimate attend the auction? With Gavl you can take the auction to them.

In traditional auctions, vendors are typically locked inside awaiting an update from their agent. With Gavl, vendors watch the entire auction from the palm of their hand, in the comfort of their home.

Connect with our team to learn more about livestreaming with Gavl.

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