It’s Always Game On with Gavl Auctions

Australians all know and love the thrill of live football, but how many more matches do we watch on TV?  From the late 1950’s the VFL (now AFL) were concerned that live telecasts of games would affect live attendance. Only a limited number of games each week would be broadcast and these would mostly be highlights of the game scheduled for air after the match.

It meant many supporters missed out on watching their team play if they couldn’t attend the game. But in 2002, when AFL broadcasting rights were introduced and with the advent of subscription television this changed entirely, with all games being available live to anyone with access to a screen.

Of course, traditionalists were concerned that this new world would see the decline of the live game experience, but in fact the opposite was true. The last 17 seasons have had record breaking numbers, with memberships reaching nearly 1,000,000 and last year the largest crowd attendance in history.

Making the game more accessible gave people more choice and power in the experience, increasing the number of viewers. At GAVL we give that same flexibility and choice to auction goers, so they can watch live auctions, anytime, anywhere, all from the palm of their hand.

Thanks to our real-time auction live streaming technology, the traditionally curbside experience is now available to everyone. No matter where you are, you don’t need to miss out on the action of the day. And vendors can be assured that all their bidders are in attendance.

Just as we’ve learned with the evolution of AFL broadcasting, we will see an increase in people who watch live auctions with the GAVL bidding app. In fact, for auctions streamed on GAVL we’ve already seen an average increase in attendance of 47%. Just imagine how this will change as people get more comfortable using live auction apps!

Be apart of the auction digital revolution. Contact our team to start live-streaming your clients auctions with us.

If you’re a vendor interested in streaming with Gavl, you can request a Gavl auction directly through us.


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