Livestream it and they will come!

At Gavl we’re tasked with allowing auction goers to watch and bid at auctions from wherever they are. And we are now enabling our Gavl users to to watch and bid on ANY property in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland with our “Request an Auction” feature – even if we’re not currently streaming the auction you want to watch!

With so many challenges of physically attending an auction, we want to bridge the gap and bring live auctions to YOU.

All it takes is for an auction to be livestreamed is for you to provide us details of the property and auction taking place. We will then obtain permission from the listing agent and confirm everything within 48 hours*.

Not only will you be able to watch the livestreamed auction, applied bidders and approved buyers can also bid in realtime right from the app!

While the benefits are obvious for potential buyers or investors, vendors, too, can directly book an auction with us to open up their event to buyers from all over the world – gone are the days of simply holding an auction to a handful of onlookers and neighbours on the street.

Livestreaming your auction through Gavl effectively increases the chance for the property to be sold and, on average, grows your prospective attendees by a massive 47%!

To request an auction, all you need to do is check out the links below!

If you’re a buyer, please request a livestreamed auction.

If you’re a vendor, please request your livestreamed auction.

Once filled out we’ll get back to you post haste and update you with some, hopefully, good news to livestream your requested auction!

*We cannot guarantee all requests can be implemented as we require the Listing Agency’s approval to film their auction and we must be able to fit it into our schedule. At present, we only offer the service for Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

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