Property passes-in. Gavl watcher makes an offer and wins

The month of May isn’t the best season for property auctions in New Zealand. Steve Koerber from Ray White Remuera took this into account when preparing his strategy for the sale of 111 Clonbern Road, Remuera on May 6.

As with every auction, generating the interest of authentic bidders was the focus of everything he did, from working with the vendors on the reserve price to live-streaming the auction on GAVL.

As 5pm drew nearer and the day’s light began to fade, Chris, a potential bidder on the property, decided not to attend the auction and let Steve know as a courtesy.

Chris said “I dislike auctions – it was end of weekend relaxing time for me. We weren’t turning down the auction, it just wasn’t the best time and our budget wasn’t near the reserve price.”

Steve texted Chris a link to the GAVL auction so he could follow the action via the live-stream on his IPhone instead.

Chris said “I much like my computer screen over a crowded auction.”

1 hour, 15 kerbside attendees & 2 potential onsite bidders later, the sale of 111 Clonbern Road was underway. To everyone’s surprise the property in the affluent inner city suburb of Remuera passed in on a vendor bid of $1,000,000. But all was not lost.

Less than 10 minutes after the live-stream auction ended Chris contacted Steve to put in an offer. He’d watched the auction live via GAVL, had seen the property pass-in and decided to strike while the iron was hot.

Chris said “We watched the auction via GAVL, hoping the property would pass through, so we could make an offer.”

Chris’ offer was taken to the vendor and days later was accepted. Chris and his family have now moved into the Remuera area to be within secondary school zones and to save on commute time.

Chris said that without the Gavl app:

“We would not have followed up on the property and would moved on with our search. A great result in our view.”

And as for Steve Koerber he’ll continue to use GAVL to live-stream his auctions to amplify his auction audience. “Streaming auctions on Gavl allows people to see me in action alongside the volume of listings in my portfolio and my sales success in my specialist area of Remuera.”

Make sure your property listings are streamed on Gavl to find new ways to reach your buyers. Contact us to find out more.

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