Interstate buyer scoops up Malvern East property on the Gavl app

Alexa had been on the property hunt for some time before she felt market conditions turn in her favour. When a glorious home in Malvern East presented itself, it was the perfect situation.

“I always wanted to purchase – it was always a right time, right place situation. Watching the market – I would occasionally look over the last 3 years but actively looked this year. It’s an interesting time in the market – at the start of the year it was really hot – now it’s become more of a buyers’ market which helps.”

When talking about the property itself, Alexa’s dreams were answered in the form of a practical property with the potential to ‘do it up’ if she wanted.

“It’s 20-something years old. The price point was what I was looking for. I went to the first inspection and I thought it was pretty good. Coincidentally my parents – who live overseas – happened to be in town to view the property. They thought it was quite good. “

After the first inspection passed the test, Alexa’s thoughts turned towards auction day, but unfortunately the day was scheduled for the weekend she was going to be away! Enter Gavl.

“I told the agent I couldn’t bid in person and he mentioned there was an app I could use – I thought why not? A week before the auction – I thought I’d set myself up so I could bid on the day if I wanted to. I got setup pretty quickly with Gavl – it was all pretty easy.”

On the big day Alexa watched the auction via the Gavl app alongside 26 other viewers online and 26 attendee’s kerbside. A Victorian bidder kicked off proceedings with the auctioneer looking for 20,000 rises in bidding.

With the auction action taking a hard approach through 20 minutes of bidding, at the final moment auctioneer Brenton Wise from Ray White Carnegie spoke that sacred word down the camera to Alexa; “SOLD!”

“I was really surprised that I won through an app. People said to me ‘you’re a true millennial’. I think part of the reason that helped me win was because I was mysterious, I suspect anyway. People at auctions size you up – They just think of you as a young person, that you don’t have deep pockets. They can’t size you up if you’re not at the auction. Its really useful especially for people like me that are busy and travel a lot.”

“I was really surprised that I won through an app. People said to me ‘you’re a true millennial’
Watch the video for the full story.


Planning to move into her first home, Alexa is undoubdetly excited at this new chapter in her life and can’t believe she bought it through an app. We’re really happy at Gavl that we could be a part of this awesome auction and story and were able to help Alexa purchase her new home.

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