SOLD! How Mike and Amanda bought a house on the Block via Gavl

When Mike and Amanda took a stroll through The Block NZ open houses in nearby Hobsonville Point, they had no idea they were walking into their new home! Talking to Mike on More FM, the new homeowner told listeners:

“We popped our heads in and had a little nosey and we generally thought that the houses were a lot bigger than the one that we have and they were a lot more suitable for a family.”

With family as a priority and with Amanda & Mike wanting to still remain in Hobsonville Point, they geared up for auction night. Speaking to the NZ Herald, Mike said:

“We preferred the corner one (Amy and Stu’s) purely because it allowed a lot more light to come in, but it just went over our budget.”
“We came hard in on both of them but we had our limit that we were prepared to reach.

The couple said they were “thrilled with the price that we paid”, despite a few changes needing to be made.

As the 30th of September loomed large as auction night approached, the couple couldn’t make the auction and “wouldn’t have bid if it weren’t for Gavl”. Gavl spoke with both Amanda and Mike right after the auction win as they recalled their amazing experience with Gavl and the euphoric win of the night:

“We couldn’t make the auction because we had two kids going down to bed – we wouldn’t have bid if it weren’t for Gavl. Our bidding experience with Gavl was amazing. It was easy, it was fun and super convenient. Being able to bid from the comfort of your home makes it a bit less stressful.”

“We also thought that the chances of us winning the auction were pretty slim so we didn’t really want to pay a lot of energy and time making it to the auction. So to be behind an app which made it super convenient was great.”

As the couple now had their dream family home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an amazing outdoor area, Mike was asked what made him choose Gavl? Why did you choose Gavl make your bids?

“I heard that I could just jump on the app and thought it was super easy – and it was – the guys at Gavl gave me a call the day before and got me all geared up and I couldn’t have asked for any more from them.”

“Our bidding experience with Gavl was amazing. I mean, it was easy, it was fun, it was a little bit stressful at times – but it couldn’t have gone more smoothly…-And we got the result!”

The whole team at Gavl are delighted to be able to help Mike & Amanda to bid and Chlo & Em sell their property!

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