Submit pre and post auction offers to purchase with Gavl

Gavl now gives prospective buyers the ability to place pre and post auction offers on properties listed on Gavl.

Buyer’s can digitally submit offers prior to auction or post an auction should a property pass in, giving agents and their vendors the opportunity to complete the sale outside of the auction itself.

Here’s how it works…

1. Prospective buyers undertake ID verification

When a buyer is ready to make an offer, we request they ID verify themselves so agents and vendors know they have a genuine person on the other end of the offer. The buyers are required to take a photo of their ID (think Driver’s License or Passport) and a selfie.

2. Make an offer

Buyers then simply click the Make an Offer button on the property they’re interested in via the app, completing all of the particulars of their offer.

3. Agent approval

When the offer is submitted, the relevant listing agent will be supplied the details of the offer and the ability to approve or reject the offer.

4. Completing the sale

If the offer is accepted, we then work with the buyer and the agent to formalise the offer. Gavl can distribute contracts of sale and other legal documents for electronic signature as well as provide the facility for the buyer to transfer the deposit direct to the agent’s trust account. All within the Gavl app.


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