Gavl’s 2018 in Review

What a great 2018 it has been!

In less than 12 months, we’ve streamed over 5000 auctions on Gavl with those streamed auctions selling for a total of $3.4 billion – that’s higher than the GDP of Greenland and San Marino, combined! The 5000 streamed auctions had 55,000 bids throughout 2018 resulting in 11 bids per property on average – a fantastic sign in a tough real estate market.



Not only this, the streamed auctions on Gavl were viewed 1.62 million times, too, with Gavl growing auction attendance by:

  • 153% in Auckland
  • 74% in Victoria
  • 74% in Queensland
  • 43% in NSW

All of this resulted in over 500 bidder registrations – almost 10 per week! – with 40% of all approved bidders going on to bid, and of those who bid, 31.1% of bidders won the auction via Gavl!

With Gavl app downloads coming from 52 countries, we took bids all over Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, London, Dubai, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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